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‘House of Ho’ is HBO Max’s new hit. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Washington and Lesley about where their marriage stands and how Judy’s engagement is going.

If you haven’t watched House of Ho already, it should be your next reality show binge. The HBO Max series chronicles the lives of the Ho family, a wealthy Vietnamese-American family living it up in Houston, Texas. At the end of the season, the Ho family made some huge reveals, including that Judy Ho and Dr. Nate Nguyen are engaged! HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Washington, Lesley, and Judy Ho about what’s going on in the lives of the Ho family these days.

During the first season, Washington and Lesley’s marriage wasn’t in the best place due to Washington’s struggles with alcoholism. He vowed to get sober, and he’s stayed true to his promise. “It’s been a tough battle. But fortunately, I have my family, the support of my best friend, my wife, and I’m so proud of myself that I’ve been sober for over a year,” Washington told HollywoodLife. “I chose my family and my health over anything else. I’m proud of that. We’re doing great, and we’re looking forward to the future. I made a commitment that I think will ultimately benefit my family and myself.”

Nate and Judy are still very much in love. (HBO Max)

Lesley gushed that her and Washington’s marriage “has been better than ever, honestly. We’ve been through a lot in the five years that we’ve been together, and I’m so blessed and thankful that he decided to put our family first and also his health. We’ve honestly been communicating better. We’re much better today than we were, you know, last week. We’re taking it one step at a time.”

Judy found love again with Dr. Nate, and he popped the question at the end of the season. However, Judy and Washington put their engagement on hold so Nate could get her father’s approval. “We’re so very happy together,” Judy told HollywoodLife. “We’re still trying to take it slow so my parents can get to know him better and spend a little bit more time with him and know that he has good intentions.”

Nate has spent time with Judy’s dad, Binh, and things seem to be going well. “My dad has really enjoyed his time with him. I think my dad’s on board at this point,” Judy revealed.

House of Ho
Washington and Lesley’s marriage is in a great place. (HBO Max)

Like the rest of the world, the Ho family spent a lot of 2020 in quarantine. The House of Ho stars revealed how quarantine has been going for them. “I spent a lot of time as a virtual teacher,” Judy admitted. “I just have a newfound respect for teachers. Luckily for us, we all live very close to each other, so we’ve been able to spend time together and just really focus and concentrate on what matters most and being grateful that we have each other.”

Washington added, “I feel like the pandemic made things tough for our family and for a lot of families around the world. We’re just taking it day by day. We have each other, we love each other, and just like Judy said, we live close to each other. That helps a lot with the management of kids and adapting to this new environment.” House of Ho is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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