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It all comes down to this! After Ben’s return, Tayshia has three guys left to choose from on ‘The Bachelorette’ finale. Follow along here as the end of her journey plays out.

Tayshia Adams’ journey to find love will come to an end during the Dec. 22 episode of The Bachelorette. The finale picks up after Brendan Morais‘ exit from the show, and Ben Smith’s unexpected return. Tayshia doesn’t know whether she should keep Ben around for the rose ceremony after he finally tells her that he loves her. Meanwhile, Ivan Hall and Zac Clark have no idea that any of this is going on, and are innocently waiting for Tayshia’s arrival at the rose ceremony.

Ben reiterates to Tayshia that he’s in love with her. She grills him about why he’s so scared to open up and what that would mean for their future. At the end of the conversation, Tayshia tells Ben to come to the rose ceremony — which is an hour away — and says that she’ll let him know her final decision about where she stands with him at that point. Before they part, Ben makes sure to really let Tayshia know how he’s feeling by giving her a long kiss, which confuses her even more.

Tayshia Adams stuns at her final rose ceremony. (ABC)

At the rose ceremony, Ivan and Zac are both confident in their relationships with Tayshia. Obviously, they’re stunned to see Ben join them, with Brendan nowhere in sight. Before handing out any roses, Tayshia pulls Ivan aside for another one-on-one chat. She admits that she was ‘concerned’ about their differences regarding religion, which they hadn’t talked about until their fantasy suite date. Simply put, their “futures didn’t align,” and Tayshia sends Ivan home before the rose ceremony.

This means that it’s a go for both Zac and Ben. Tayshia gives both remaining guys a rose, which means they’ll have the chance to meet her family before possibly proposing to her. Ben is up first, and Tayshia’s dad is instantly skeptical after Tayshia lets the family know that she previously sent him home. He assures Tayshia’s parents that he loves Tayshia and that he’s ready for marriage with her.

Tayshia’s dad grills Ben about his intentions, but leaves the conversation feeling much better about the pair’s relationship. “I probably went from being doubtful of the guy to where I would give him a chance,” her dad admits. By the end of the date, Tayshia reveals that she’s “falling in love with Ben all over again.”

tayshia adams chris harrison
Tayshia Adams chats with Chris Harrison at the final rose ceremony. (ABC)

Keep refreshing because we’ll be updating all episode long as Tayshia’s journey plays outTayshia will give her first post-show interview on Good Morning America on Dec. 23.

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