Gamified Phyigital Shopping Experiences : KaiKai

A brand new shopping app called KaiKai has launched in Hong Kong and is already making major waves in the city’s retail industry, ranking number one in app store “shopping” categories within its first week of release.

The innovative platform partners with retailers to offer major discounts and popular products, which users reserve online and then pay and collect in-store. The idea is that by participating in the app’s discount item drops, retailers will experience increased foot traffic at their physical stores while building hype around their brand.

The app is structured via an annual subscription fee that provides users exclusive access to new deals, which are dropped on the platform every day at noon and 8 pm. Boasting a unique gamified experience, users will be given just 100 seconds to decide if they would like to purchase the item at its discounted price.

Image Credit: KaiKai

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