How New Age Brands Are Harnessing The Power Of Influencer Marketing Through AI Driven Platforms-Sagar Pushp

In recent times, influencer marketing has gained immense traction within the digital marketing universe. From being an elusive trend, the concept has come of age and several brands are now testing the waters by dipping their toes into this vast segment, much of which is yet to be explored. With brands beginning to discover the potential of influencer marketing, it has become a popular marketing tool and influencers are now sought-after by several brands.

However, despite the rapid rise to fame, influencer marketing is a segment that remains unorganized and much remains to be done to shape it into a polished and organized sector. Enter, technology-driven influencer marketing platforms. New-age technologies such as AI have been instrumental in shaping the influencer marketing space into a more efficient segment. Furthermore, platforms driven by AI are also assisting brands in making their campaigns more effective, data-driven, and result-oriented, a key aspect that can make or break a brand’s marketing strategies. To understand this better, let us delve deeper.

The advent of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing, in essence, is not a new term. Well into the era of digital marketing, when most winning marketing strategies involved the ubiquitous power of the internet, brands leveraged celebrities to enamor audiences. However, with rising consumer awareness, brands realized that creating brand salience would require more than just celebrity recommendations. To truly make an impact, brands would need to facilitate two-way conversations between consumers and opinion leaders. At this juncture, the concept of influencers came into the picture.

Delivering in high numbers across crucial metrics including but not limited to content generation, engagement, and sales, social media is now brimming with micro, nano, and macro-influencers. Over the past year, influencer marketing has grown exponentially and is projected to be USD 15 billion by 2022. This brings us to an all-important question: When there are thousands of influencers in the social media universe, how do brands know who is the right fit for them?

Choosing the right influencers for effective brand campaigns with AI-led influencer marketing

Up until now, the majority of influencer marketing activities have been happening based on guesswork. Since it came into vogue, leading brands have been willing to invest in influencer marketing but since there are endless options, they do not usually know which ones to choose. Since decisions are taken manually, brands tend to keep choosing the same influencers and, as a result, are not able to make an impact beyond a certain number and set of audiences.

Addressing these issues, influencer marketing platforms that leverage cutting-edge technology have taken the segment by storm. But how do they function? Influencers leave long digital footprints that are replete with data around the traction and engagement garnered for each influencer post. AI-driven platforms use this publicly available data pertaining to an influencer’s performance on social media, follower quality, level of engagement, audience demographics, and other such factors to give brands the best-suited influencer recommendations to help them deliver their campaign with the highest impact. Sophisticated influencer marketing platforms even offer suggestions to brands that look for influencers within a particular budget, a specific audience reach, or demographic.

Having proven to be excellent tools for matching brands with the right influencers that fit their requirement, influencer marketing platforms largely simplify the marketer’s job by saving time, cost, and effort. From micro and nano influencers to celebrity and macro-influencers, these platforms take into account the influencer marketing community to shortlist and provide the best-suited suggestions to brands.

As per reports, over 95 million pictures are posted on social media platforms such as Instagram each day, giving the audience an abundance of content, making it imperative for brands to ensure that their campaigns don’t get lost in the sea of content. Perhaps the most important value proposition of influencer marketing platforms, then, would be to leverage relevant influencers, thereby boosting the visibility of a brand among the right audiences.

AI-led platforms ensure that the brand’s content cuts through the plethora of posts and reaches its target audience. Additionally, they even analyze the engagement and likes to determine which content is received well by audiences, helping brands make informed decisions while devising their strategies and campaigns.

Last but not least, the ROI of the campaign – a crucial element that helps decide if the campaign was a success or a failure. Based on the digital footprint and the overall performance of influencers, AI systems of the platforms track every aspect of the content generated from the campaign to evaluate the metrics. This enables them to calculate the ROI of the campaign accurately and analyze and understand which aspects need improvement and which have been received well.

AI has unquestionably revolutionized the way brands function and they are now transforming the way marketing strategies are being perceived by both brands and the audience. With unparalleled accuracy and speed, AI-powered influencer marketing platforms help brands create results-oriented campaigns that are highly effective. The future will only see the explosive growth of such technologically superior platforms and the age of influencer marketing will prevail.

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