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If you are an Instagram influencer and have a massive audience with a good engagement rate join the leading Ad Marketplace. It’s a good opportunity to generate more revenue from your page

Browse through thousands of premium branded offers to promote on your Instagram channel, and never miss an opportunity to generate great revenues.

How can I access the Ad Marketplace on Ainfluencer?

To access the Ad Marketplace you first have to download the App and register an account with Ainfluencer. The App is available for both Android and iOS operating systems and can be downloaded from our “For Influencers” page.

After downloading the App, you will be prompted to create an account using a username, password, your Instagram account name, and a few other details. Once completed, you will see recent listings on the App home screen, and a complete list in the Ad explorer tab.

How do I connect with a brand to make an offer on Ainfluencer?

There are two ways to connect with brands in the marketplace:

  1. You can explore Ads through the App and once you find an Ad that interests you, you can simply click the “Make an Offer” button to get started.

r/influencermarketing - How to find Ads and make offers on Ainfluencer?

2. The other ways to get connected with brands is when a brand finds you when searching for influencers in their dashboard, and invites you to collaborate.

r/influencermarketing - How to find Ads and make offers on Ainfluencer?

Notice: brands can create and invite influencers to two different promotions type: Insta-Storie, Insta post

Brands detail their campaign requirements and specify the type of influencers they are looking for. So an Influencer can consider every factor before deciding to make an offer. An influencer can see the time duration content and link in bio contain in detail promotional.

If Influencers like the look of the campaign, simply hit ‘make an offer‘ at the bottom of the campaign. For negotiable campaigns let the brands know specifics like what posts you will include, how long you will take to complete the job, and how much you’ll charge. For fixed price campaigns simply confirm you’ll do the job for that price.

Some tips for Influencers to work with Brands:

Brands would rather work with an influencer with 10k followers and high-quality content than an influencer with 500k followers and blurry, low-quality images.

There are many reasons for this, but primarily this is because a brand wants to work with someone whose content will represent them in a positive, quality way. Also, brands oftentimes like to use the content produced by influencers for their social media or online marketing.

So, keep the quality of your content top-of-mind by capturing images with the right equipment and focusing on improving image composition & editing.

Instead of waiting to work with brands in order to create content in your niche, you need to create content in your niche in order to attract brands. For example, if you are a luxury travel influencer and want to work with brands, you already need to be producing luxury travel content and promoting luxury travel brands. Otherwise, these types of brands won’t see your platforms as a good fit for their promotional goals.

A big mistake influencers make (particularly when they are just starting out) is accepting any & all collaborations that come their way. Which I get – when that first brand reaches out, it’s exciting!

  1. Will my followers be interested in this brand and potentially make a purchase with them?

  2. Does this brand fit my niche?

  3. Do I personally support this brand and love its products?

  4. Do this brand’s values fit with mine?

  5. Are they working with a diverse group of influencers?

If the answer to ALL those questions is a yes, go ahead with the collaboration. But if the answer to any of them is a no, the bottom line is that you need to turn down the opportunity.

It can be hard to walk away from a collaboration (especially when there is money involved). But you do not want to be that influencer that takes every opportunity that comes their way regardless of whether it’s a good fit or not.

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