Ice Cream-Inspired Protein Powders : Native Fuel Whey Protein

The Ascent Cookies & Cream Native Fuel Whey Protein powder supplement is a limited-edition launch from the brand that’s focused on providing consumers with a dessert-inspired way to shake up their post-workout routine.

The protein powder features the premium, ice cream-inspired flavor of cookies and cream, which will help to satisfy cravings for sweet treats in a lifestyle-focused way. The product has been launched for sale via the brand’s online shop, Amazon and in-store at Wegmen’s, but will only be available while supplies last.

Direct of Sales at Ascent Protein Josh Haskins spoke on the new Ascent Cookies & Cream Native Fuel Whey Protein powder supplement saying, “Ascent remains committed to providing constant innovation for our consumers, rewarding their hard work with new flavors. The results from the consumer surveys we conducted earlier this year around fan-favorite flavors were overwhelming, with resounding support and excitement for Cookies & Cream.”

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