Pizza-Themed Gift Shops : holiday hut shop

Pizza Hut’s Holiday Hut Shop stands out as the best destination for pizza lovers and it provides access to the new and limited-edition holiday Hut Shop collection by Pizza Hut. The online shop carries everything from matching pajamas for the whole family to Matchbox Pizza Hut playsets for kids. There’s something for everyone at the one-stop pizza-themed shop, including nostalgic treats for adults like Wine and Rocks Glasses that elevate the classic red cups from childhood.

For the holiday tree, there are branded ornaments, plus wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift tags to festively present presents and decorate under the tree. Lindsay Morgan, the chief marketing officer of Pizza Hut, notes that “This drop was actually inspired by last year’s fan-favorite holiday commercial. Fans were asking us to recreate the ornaments, so we did plus a whole lot more.”

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