Sparkling Beverage Reward Apparel : Sparkling Ice Rewards

The Sparkling Ice Rewards program is being updated with some exclusive apparel for members to pick up when looking for an option to spend their points. The launch comes as the brand’s first-ever apparel line that is only available to members of the brand’s rewards program and includes a number of chromatically accented pieces for fans to pick up. Consumers looking to score some of the colorfully accented apparel only need to sign up for a free membership before they upload their Sparkling Ice purchase receipts to start redeeming.

Executive Vice President of Marketing at Talking Rain Sarah Gustat commented on the new apparel line in the Sparkling Ice Rewards program saying, “We’re excited to introduce Sparkling Ice fans to our first-ever apparel line, inspired by our colorful beverages, designed in-house by our creative team, and available exclusively through Sparkling Ice Rewards. Our rewards members are some of our most passionate and loyal shoppers, and we’re thrilled to offer more opportunities for consumers to connect with our brand, whether that’s by interacting with the rewards site or representing Sparkling Ice with their own branded hoodie.”

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