Top 8 Instagram Influencer Search Tools For The Informed Marketer


Grin is an all-in-one creator management platform helping eCommerce companies build more valuable brands through the power of creator partnerships. In addition, it offers a wide range of influencer marketing services for brands wishing to work with influencers across a range of social networks, including Instagram.

Grin customizes its pricing to make it appropriate for your business’s needs, whether you’re large or small. Its target customer is a direct-to-customer eCommerce company in any vertical. Grin includes integrations with eCommerce software like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento to assist with this. This helps eCommerce retailers work through the influencer marketing process, including managing and shipping products to influencers, creating sales tracking links to pay commissions, creating exclusive discount codes, etc. Grin also integrates with common email systems like Gmail and Outlook so that every message you send from Grin comes from your mail domain rather than from some random-looking address.

Grin functions well as an Instagram influencer search tool (along with Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube). You can choose from over 32 million creators (across all social channels) to find the perfect ones for your market. If you already know your preferred influencers but want a tool to manage them, you can import your existing influencer list into Grin.

In addition, Grin pulls in all the registered users from your eCommerce site and finds their social profiles. It then presents them to you as a list of potential influencers, with their relevant statistics. As all this group have previously purchased products from your store, they have the potential to make excellent customer advocates, even if their social audiences aren’t as large as better-known Instagram influencers you find from more traditional searches.


CreatorIQ is genuinely an end-to-end influencer marketing platform with a polished and efficient interface. If you’re merely looking for an Instagram influencer search tool to find a few influencers with whom you can collaborate, CreatorIQ might be overkill. However, if you want something more encompassing where you can grow, manage, scale, and measure influencer campaigns, then CreatorIQ may be ideal for your needs.

With such a wide-ranging mandate, it is perhaps unsurprising that CreatorIQ doesn’t publish its prices. You won’t find distinct pricing tiers, each offering different service levels. The software targets large businesses and enterprises and is robust enough to meet their influencer marketing needs.

CreatorIQ is truly multi-platform. You won’t just find a few Instagram influencers here. Their influencer database covers Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitch, and popular blogs. In addition, CreatorIQ has recently become an official TikTok Marketing Partner, making it TikTok’s first SaaS-only influencer marketing platform partner.

CreatorIQ integrates directly with social platform APIs. Its AI-powered algorithm analyses over 1 billion public social accounts and their content. It compares each social account against a set of criteria to see if it merits being added to the platform database. More than 15 million creator accounts currently meet the requirements and are indexed into the system.

The AI looks at all discrete parts of a piece of content—the image, the location, mentions, even emojis—and makes logical inferences. It also vets the data it finds to verify authenticity and gives each influencer an “Integrity Quotient” to discern how authentic an audience is.


Although Klear began life as Twtrland, providing insights into Twitter, it has evolved considerably into a full-strength influencer marketing platform covering multiple social networks, including Instagram. It now has 900 million influencers in its database, divided into over 60,000 topic categories. In addition, it offers deep analytics about influencers’ audiences’ demo- and psychographics.

Klear has also added features, such as campaign management and tracking and essential listening tools to monitor competitors. It is working towards being an entirely end-to-end experience. However, the data and analytics are currently the real standouts.

Klear’s discovery capabilities are highly targeted. Advanced filters allow you to sift through profiles and focus on those relevant to your brand. In addition, you can use their tool for segmented creator discovery by region, language, industry, #hashtag, niche topic, past collaborations, price range, available contact details, influence level, and more.

Klear’s AI-powered technology detects fake followers or engagements generated by auto-bots, ensuring your influencer’s audience will drive real value. You can use the Klear Influencer Score to identify users with the highest level of influence. Powered by a sophisticated AI algorithm, Klear looks at dozens of metrics to generate a 0-100 score, which quantifies a user’s influence.

Klear’s comprehensive tool ensures you receive data that is relevant and on-trend. It even covers Instagram Stories, giving you the complete picture of influencer activity. began life in 2018 as an influencer marketplace, Shop and Shout. Unusually for the time, it focused on small businesses and micro-influencers yet offered in-depth insights and business intelligence. 

More recently, the company has rebranded to, and placed as much focus on creating content as on disseminating that content. 

You can use their discovery tool to search through their database of 500 million influencers to find those that fit best with your brand. gives you in-depth data on these influencers and their audiences. Over 100,000 of these creators have registered in their community and are shopping and actively participating in campaigns.

If you don’t want to use as a self-service tool to find your influencers, you can pay for their Community-Driven plan. Here, you create your campaign and let the software take it from there. You have to accept or decline any influencer who applies to participate, but you don’t have to worry about running your campaign. 

Whether you choose the self-service or community-driven model, you will still need to create and define your campaign. The more specific and detailed you can be here, the better your influencer selection will be. 


Upfluence has been offering influencer marketing tools for some time and was one of the first influencer marketing platforms we reviewed on the Influencer Marketing Hub in 2017 (before it was rebranded Upfluence). However, it has included an Instagram influencer search tool for most of its life. 

Upfluence features a massive database — nearly 3 million influencers with a collective reach of 82 billion followers. Its proprietary algorithm indexes and updates these profiles in real-time, analyzing every piece of content for reach and engagement. For Instagram, essential audience data is also available (age, gender, location) provided the influencer authorizes its use. You can filter your search by keyword, social platform, engagement rates, audience size, demographics, and more to find influencers in line with your target audience and campaign goals. In addition, Upfluence lets you place a relative weight on each keyword, so it knows which keywords are most important to you.

In addition, Upfluence uses Live Capture to examine your existing customers to determine whether they would make high-value ambassadors. Live Capture integrates with existing affiliate tools and CMS, including Shopify, Magento, Refersion, Affiliate, Impact, Outlook, Gmail, and Google Tag Manager. As a result, you can combine social data with customer purchase history and manage promotion codes in one place. describes itself as an influencer marketing platform for data-driven marketers. You can use it to find relevant influencers, manage campaigns and measure the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaigns. 

The platform indexes influencers worldwide; however, Affable’s target customers predominantly come from the Asia-Pacific region. 

Each influencer profile is backed by a good deal of demo- and psychographic data. In addition, it includes filters like the number of followers, topics, mentions, audience traits, locations, suspicious followers, etc.

One handy feature is that you can perform negative searches, i.e., you can set criteria that you don’t want to see. Then, once you’ve found influencers based on your preferred criteria, you can perform an easy lookalike search to find other creators with similar profiles, content, and audiences.

You can organize influencers you’ve found into groups or lists according to whatever defining characteristics you like. You can view the aggregate stats of each group, and Affable also reports the unique reach of the group, making allowance for people who follow multiple influencers in the group. This means that marketers can value influencers individually and as a group.


Although Influencity’s initial focus in 2014 was on Twitter influencers, it wasn’t long before it discovered the value of influencer marketing on Instagram. It quickly found that Instagram was the platform where brands wanted to be seen.

Discovery with Influencity now relies on Instagram data on a mass scale. They have indexed over 55 million Instagram accounts within the platform and have an incredible amount of data on each profile. Influencity claims you can filter data in over 100,000 ways to find the most relevant results.

However, one of the easiest ways to find influencers is to do a lookalike search. The platform judges the similarities based on the influencer, their content, and audience data but also slows the use of other filters. As a result, you only have to identify one perfect influencer, and the platform can do the rest for you.

Influencity is clearly targeting a wide range of business types. They offer three preset plans, from the $148/mo Basic Plan to the $998/mo Business plan. However, they also encourage you to create your own bundle of products to suit your business’s needs.

As well as providing tools to find influencers, analyze influencers, and organize influencers, Influencity helps you manage your campaigns. You can automate multiple campaigns at once. Customize your workflows by choosing and executing the steps that make sense for each project. View progress from the moment an influencer takes on a task until it’s complete and track the status of every post in your strategy.


NeoReach’s primary focus is on providing as much data as possible to help find you the best influencers for your campaign. Its influencer database contains over 3 million people. 

Influencer searches begin with a keyword. NeoReach searches through all its influencers and their posts to find matches. But it’s much more sophisticated than that suggests. You can then refine your search in many ways to narrow your match to influencers who do what you care about. NeoReach includes over 40 filters, including keywords, social platforms, profile performance, and audience demographics – like age, gender, location, language, income, brand affinity, etc. In addition, you can integrate over 400+ custom data points into in-house tools and technologies.

In addition, NeoReach includes all the campaign management tools you need to keep up with your marketing efforts. It acts as a centralized communications hub, giving team members visibility into the entire influencer relationship. 

NeoReach takes care of contracting and negotiating with potential influencers. They manage the whole process, including pricing strategy, legal contracts, compliance, and everything in between. 

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