We want to grow our brand using influencers

What’s the best method that works without spending silly amounts of money. We just soft launched our brand before the new year to gauge our audience.

We’ve been old school, DM’ing sales pitches for our product for any follower/like. Experienced a 2% conversion rate. We only have 400 followers in 2 months for an unknown brand/product. We launched 3 days ago and have garnered interest and a few sales. But not as many as we imagined of course. We do know during this period before christmas, it can slow down, especially for unknown brands.

We believe we have a very good product and a clean page, and many people have shared their WANT for the product, so many asked for release dates…but obviously, pinch of salt with socials, majority aren’t following through.

Its very early days, and we’ve finally contacted social media micro influencers with free samples of our product. Is this the best way these days to convert followers to sales…FOMO? Has anybody had experience grinding out DMs to influencers and taking the hit with some products and sending them for free.

How many products should we look to send out, say out of an inventory of 100 units? We dont have much of a marketing or social media background, but we do have a creative background which we think is keeping people interested, but we want to really drive some sales in a market we believe we’re better than most that are shilling their products!

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