7 Powerful Ways to Use Twitter Influencers to Grow Your Brand

Twitter has come a long way over the last 14 years.

From the early days of random egg-shaped avatars screaming into the void over 140 characters about why one celebrity’s dress was better than the other to modern election cycles. The cynic might view Twitter as nothing more than megaphone-assisted political diatribes without an edit button.

While this certainly exists to some extent, Twitter has grown to over 50 million accounts and as a top-five social media destination in the United States, maturity brings out additional use cases that brands should not ignore.

One big step in this maturation process has been the emergence of Twitter-specific influencers. Due to their relatively inexpensive acquisition cost comparative to professional networks like LinkedIn combined with a Swiss Army knife-like malleability similar to Google My Business influencers, there’s significantly more to the process than meets the eye.

Let’s explore seven different ways a business can employ Twitter influencers to solve a variety of use cases.

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