AI-Enabled Innovation Tools : Turbine Labs

Turbine Labs, a Colorado-based tech startup specializing in AI-driven solutions for executives and policymakers, has announced the launch of ‘Thought Leadership Briefing.’ The new platform utilizes AI technology to help companies create effective thought leadership content by seeking out “recent, reputable, and relevant” news stories that align with their thought leadership campaigns.

In addition, the platform also provides users with detailed analytics capable of precisely measuring the ROI of these same campaigns — one of the most common problems faced when conducting a thought leadership marketing strategy. The product is specifically designed for enterprises with audiences ranging between 50-50,000 stakeholders, prospects, subscribers, and media contacts.

The product promises to offer brands a new way to approach thought leadership content that is capable of “resulting in engagement that’s a staggering 4-10 times greater than traditional email, blogs, or social posts,” said Leigh Fatzinger, Founder and CEO of Turbine Labs.

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