Elon Musk’s New Tesla Recruiting Strategy: A Day to Show Off Artificial Intelligence

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter this week that the electric-vehicle company will hold an “AI Day” event on August 19 to recruit artificial-intelligence talent, according to a report from Electrek, a news site that covers electric vehicles and clean energy.

Tesla will share its progress on AI software and hardware, including neural nets and a supercomputer, Electrek reported. Musk had teased the event on Twitter in June, noting that its purpose would be recruiting, but hadn’t set a date.

The event will likely be aimed at those already familiar with AI rather than at the general public, according to the report. Tesla is expected to focus on its self-driving technology, and intends to show potential recruits that their work can have real-world applications in the company’s products, Electrek reported.

“Convincing the best AI talent to join Tesla is the sole goal,” Musk wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has held an event to show off the technology it’s developing: It hosted an “Autonomy Day” in 2019 and a “Battery Day” in 2020. The themed events could offer a model for companies in other industries that are looking to attract highly skilled workers in specific fields.

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