Fraud Prevention Webinars : fraud protection webinar

‘ClearSale,’ the company that specializes in fraud protection, is teaming up with ‘LAB ID’ to deliver a free online fraud protection webinar. With a focus on luxury brands and high-end fashion and jewelry retailers, this webinar will cover different ways to avoid fraudulent transactions and false declines.

ClearSale has stated that the webinar will cover returns, card-not-present situations, buy online and pick-up in-store scams, and various other common scams, as well as methods to prevent, recognize, and avoid these schemes. This webinar will also cover the counterfeit luxury good problem, and the importance of building a transparent, circular business lifecycle.

The webinar is named ‘Luxury Brand Ecommerce Solutions: Protecting your product from fraud and building a transparent circular lifecycle,’ and will be delivered online, for free, on February 23rd, 2022, at 11 am ET.

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