23 Hand Creams We’re Constantly Reaching for Right Now

We rely on our trusty hands for just about everything we do — every text, double tap, and crucially important right swipe — but we rarely give them the much-needed TLC they deserve. Plus, with all that exposure to the elements, it’s no wonder they’re the first place to show signs of weathering.

Luckily, though, there’s an abundance of skin-softening, nourishing, and ultra-hydrating hand creams on the market that, when used consistently (this is key), ward off signs of damage from daily wear and tear, especially during these COVID-19 times were hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer have dried us out. And, the best part is there are excellent formulas available at every price point, no matter your budget. 

With the latest innovations landing at our front doors at an ever-rapid rate, you could say we’ve tried our fair share of the lot, which means we’ve got a good idea of the lotions that work, as well as the ones that aren’t truly worth it. Curious about the ones we can’t stop slathering on right now? Check out what we believe to be the best hand lotions — which fit into every budget — below.

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