26 Beauty and Wellness Tips From Niki Taylor

“In the 1990s, if you could get any of the three Cs — covers, campaigns, and cosmetics — opportunities would open up everywhere. Allure was a huge boost to my career,” recalls Taylor today, at 46. “At the time, I was seeing each cover as a gift. I never really thought there would be another one.”

That September 1991 cover was the only one where Niki was anything close to coy. Throughout the ‘90s, she was all smiles and sunny disposition on our covers. Looking back on them now, Niki says “Allure shoots were an excuse to dress up and play with your friends, and miraculously [Allure founding editor] Linda [Wells] and her team would put it all together into a story that people could identify with. I know I did. In many ways, I could put these images into a family photo album. They were all fun moments that happened to be captured on film. It was not pretense or the result of complex calculations. Just a good time.”

Here, our eleven-time cover girl opens up about her favorite products, weirdest dreams, and a few things she wished she knew way back when.

Favorite drugstore product in the ’90s: CoverGirl lip gloss and mascara, Noxzema cleansing cream, good old witch hazel for a toner.

Favorite drugstore product today: There are way more products to choose from. I love Neutrogena sunscreen. I still use witch hazel.

Your everyday sunscreen: Something with 20% zinc oxide.

First beauty product you remember using: CoverGirl lip gloss.

If you could win a lifetime supply of any beauty product, it would be: MAC Dazzleglass Lip Gloss in Date Night

A opened pink sparkly tube of lip gloss with a black lid on a white background

MAC Dazzleglass Lip Gloss in Date Night

The three beauty products that were always in your bag in 1991: Carmex Lip Balm, water, and Allure magazine

A three-pack of yellow and red lip balms on a white background

Carmex Classic Lip Balm Medicated Stick

The beauty products that are always in your bag today: Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, hand sanitizer and lotion, eye drops, and sunscreen.

A four pack of yellow and red lip balms on a white background

Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm

Last TV binge: The Crown

When we can travel again, the first place you’d like to go is: South Florida to see Mom and Dad

I feel most confident when I’m: Laughing

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