3 Doctor-Recommended Hair Foam Products to Reduce Hair Loss

Minoxidil foam

Clinically proven five percent minoxidil foam is one of the most popular purchases when it comes to topical hair loss products, and for good reason. West Palm Beach, FL Kenneth Beer, MD, says minoxidil is his favorite product to suggest when it comes to topical foams. “Minoxidil is FDA-approved for androgenetic alopecia and female pattern hair loss, adds Omaha, NE dermatologist Joel Schlessinger, MD.

He notes that the exact mechanism isn’t fully understood, but minoxidil is thought to work by “shortening the resting phase of hair (called the telogen phase) and extending the growth phase (called the anagen phase), explains Dr. Schlessinger. “Additionally, it encourages blood flow to the hair follicles to help support hair growth.” He adds that patients must use minoxidil continuously for it to be effective.

Minoxidil foams, such as Rogaine, tend to show results in about three months and must be used daily, Charlotte, NC dermatologist Gilly Munavalli, MD and Rachel Yang, NP say. “The foam is unscented and easy to massage into the hair, so people can use and then style their hair as they like.” The duo also notes that there are both men’s and women’s products available over the counter or online in a variety of price ranges.

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