7 Fitness Trends to Look Out for This Summer

Outdoor workout classes

“With many studios closing in 2020 and 2021, many people who craved personal or group training did so outside in their backyard or parks,” note Endres and Stabler. The pair predicts, “We will see a rise of this in the summer again! Small groups of friends and family gathering with instructors for privates in the home.”

Athayde adds that pop-up fitness classes are a great way to get active while engaging with your community. “No matter which city you’re in, outdoor workouts have become a summer staple.”

If your area doesn’t offer outdoor classes, make a DIY class. “Bring your trainer to the park! Whether you’re working with your personal trainer in-person or over Zoom , you should try to get outdoors for your workout,” says Athayde. “All you need is a mat, towel and water bottle. Let your trainer do the rest by creating a bodyweight regimen with little to no equipment that you can do outside!” As a bonus, he notes that you’ll get a great dose of vitamin D.

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