8 Must-Try Toothpastes Safe For Veneers

Whether you’re in the market for veneers or you already have them, keeping your teeth healthy is essential. “When veneers are done properly, one can treat them as natural teeth from a maintenance standpoint,” says Powell, OH cosmetic dentist Neal Patel, DDS. “We recommend brushing and flossing after every meal as we would do for natural teeth.” Don’t know where to find the best toothpaste for your specific needs? Choose from this list of helpers.

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TWICE Oral Wellness Toothpaste ($8)

Completely plant-based and loaded with vitamins A and E and aloe vera, this stain-fighting, microbiome-safe oral care essential doesn’t slack on supporting healthier gums.

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Crest Densify Premium Toothpaste ($9)

Rebuild tooth density with every use of this enamel-protector, which prevents cavities and demineralization for your healthiest smile yet.

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Better & Better Immunity ($12)

A fluoride-free alternative, this vitamin-infused formula protects and builds up the body’s immune system to make your teeth and body feel like a million bucks.

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Curaprox Be You Toothpaste ($13)

Formulated with hydroxyapatite, vitamin B5 and herbal extracts, this toothpaste whitens and brightens little by little every day without the use of bleach for a grin you’ll want to show off.

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Hello Antiplaque + Whitening Toothpaste Tablet Refills ($28)

We love eco-friendly refillable options, and now you can stock up on more of these sustainably sourced and packaged toothpaste tablets—they whiten, control tartar and freshen breath— without excess packaging.

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Natean Clean + Sensitivity Relief ($6)

Designed specifically for sensitive teeth, this toothpaste is infused with orange blossom, aloe vera, coconut botanicals and natural mint flavor to gently control tartar buildup and leave your mouth feeling ultra clean and fresh.