Are Needle-Free Treatments the Future of Anti-Aging?

The Face Lifter

What it is: TriLift Dynamic Muscle Stiumlation

What it does: Combining dynamic muscle stimulation, tri-polar radio frequency, and optional radio-frequency microneedling, TriLift can enhance texture, tone, and collagen production. “The number of treatments required depends on the patient’s needs and goals,” says New York dermatologist Amy B. Lewis, MD. The standard protocol involves four to six 25-30 minute sessions for dynamic muscle stimulation alone. Additional time may be needed if radio-frequency microneeding is included.

How it works: Dr. Lewis describes the facial muscles as a hammock that holds everything tight, but with aging and wear, it starts to lose resilience and tone. “TriLift contracts the muscles, akin to working out at the gym, and provides an ability to strengthen the muscles that support the face,” she says. “Over time, multiple treatments create muscle memory, leading to improved lifting and tightening effects.”

What to know: Customization plays a vital role. Dr. Lewis emphasizes the ability to tailor the treatment to specific areas, whether it’s addressing sagging muscles, under-eye fat pads, or other concerns. Patients may experience minimal discomfort, with a sensation like muscle twitching during dynamic muscle stimulation. There is no downtime, although some temporary redness may occur if radio-frequency microneedling is done.

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