Aurora Culpo’s Health and Beauty Recommendations for Busy Moms

Aurora Culpo is a multitasking mom who has mastered the art of being prepared. With two young children to care for, she never leaves the house without her trusted bag of essentials. As she shares with NewBeauty, her bag is packed with all her favorite items to help her stay on top of her game, no matter what the day throws her way.

Health Must-Haves

To support her digestive health, Aurora keeps Thorne Health Bacillus Coagulans ($30) supplement in her bag. “This is for gut support—GI issues if you will—but, basically, it’s a probiotic and it helps with digestion.” This supplement helps keep her gut health in check, so she can stay focused and productive all day long.

As a health-conscious mom, Aurora loves Lolleez Throat Soothing Pops. These pops are made with natural ingredients, making them a perfect treat for her little ones while also helping to soothe sore throats. “This is actually not mine, this is for one of my kids. I use this for easy bribery, it’s also good for soothing the throat and it has some vitamins in here too.”

Beauty Buys

When it comes to her beauty routine, Aurora primarily sticks to what she knows. “This is my favorite lip combo,” she says, picking up her two go-to products: “I have Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner ($25) in Pillow Talk and Makeup by Mario Ultra Suede Lipstick ($26) in shade Rasa. I love this stuff—it’s down to the nub; I just ordered a new one.” 

To add a natural-looking flush to her cheeks, she loves the Charlotte Tilbury Blush Wand ($42) in shade Pink Pop. “You just twist it, push it and dab it on with your fingers.” For those days when she needs a little extra coverage, Aurora reaches for Benefit Cosmetics Industrial Strength Full Coverage Cream Concealer ($24). This concealer provides flawless coverage that stays put all day long, even through busy errands and playdates.

As a busy mom, Aurora understands the importance of being prepared for anything. Her bag of essentials helps her stay organized and ready to tackle whatever the day brings. With these go-to items at her fingertips, she can stay focused on her priorities, and make the most of every moment.

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