Exclusive: Hydrafacial Partners With Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

What happens when revolutionary facial technology teams up with one of the world’s leading dermatologists is nothing short of skin-care magic. 

Announced today, BeautyHealth’s Hydrafacial has partnered with Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare to bring the iconic, celebrity-adored skin-care brand into the treatment room. Joining around 20 other boosters from brands including Murad and JLo Beauty, this add-on option allows practitioners to better tailor the Hydrafacial experience to each client’s needs and preferences. 

“The new booster under development will leverage Dr. Dennis Gross’s skincare technology and patented formulations to bring the household name and trusted skincare brand to consumers in a professional setting, delivered with Hydrafacial’s Magic Wand hand piece and patented Vortex Fusion technology,” the release reads. Hydrafacial’s co-creation model allows a booster to be created in under six months.

“As a dermatologist, Hydrafacial is a staple treatment at my practice,” said Dr. Gross. “This new booster combines Hydrafacial’s state-of-the-art delivery technology with our unique cocktail of clinically proven active ingredients, ultimately giving superior results. I can’t wait to bring this new booster to my patients and consumers everywhere.”

The Hydrafacial x Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare booster will be available in 2023.