Foods Dermatologists Eat Daily for Healthier Skin

“Just one tablespoon of pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc, which is so important for clear skin and collagen production. It’s also great for acne- and rosacea-prone patients. You can eat them as they are or sprinkle on a salad.

In terms of the foods I eat every day, I like to get my dark, leafy greens in and a cup of green tea. The natural source of chlorophyl, minerals and antioxidants in the greens have powerful anti-aging impact on your skin. I have a cup of tea every morning, which helps with free radicals and stress, and can actually help improve your skin’s ability to handle UV rays. But its is no substitute to sunscreen.

Weekly, I like to eat salmon and lentils. I like to have wild salmon one to three times per week as it’s rich in omega fatty acids, great for inflammation and healthy skin, hair and nails. Lentils are amazing sources of iron, amino acids and antioxidants. For a plant-based diet, they are super clean and also help support healthy skin, hair and nails.”

—Melville, NY dermatologist Kally Papantoniou, MD

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