Hailey Bieber Just Gave a Shout-Out to This Sold-Out Sleep Supplement

Hailey Bieber graced Instagram with a multimillion-liked Brazil bathroom snap to kick off the week—and followed it up on her stories to give a quick “two of my favorites” shout-out to a solid beauty duo. (Bonus: In true beauty-reviewing form, neither are from her own Rhode line.)

First up: The Arrae Sleep Supplements ($48), the non-melatonin solution for a better, more restful night’s sleep that was formulated specifically for women by a naturopath. Bieber had previously posted a photo of Arrae’s Holiday Box Set, which included the Bloat and Calm capsules, writing that she “seriously can’t travel without these.”

According to the site, Sleep is currently out-of-stock, but shipping will being again on or before September 15.

Also making an appearance in Bieber’s stories: The best-selling Dieux Skin Instant Angel ($45) moisturizer (she previously stated she “couldn’t love this moisturizer more”) and the brand’s Forever Eye Mask ($25), a reusable, lasts-a-year eye mask that can be used with a variety of gel, serums and moisturizers.