Herbivore Botanicals Jade De-Puffing Face Roller Soothes | Review

If you opened up my beauty cabinet, you’d find LED masks, sonic skin-care applicators, and microcurrent wands. But the tool I turn to most often doesn’t vibrate, pulsate, or light up — and certainly won’t blow a fuse in your apartment building. (It’s a long story.)

In fact, Herbivore Botanicals Jade Depuffing Face Roller is made with natural stone. Start rolling from the center of your face outward using short, gentle strokes, and see if your serotonin level doesn’t instantly skyrocket.

Aside from the mood boosting benefits, a few minutes of rolling can also help de-puff and boost circulation, leading to an — albeit temporary — lifted and brightened look, says Joshua Zeichner, a dermatologist in New York City. There are a ton of jade rollers out there, but I love how this one is dual-ended. I am perpetually seeking solutions for puffy eyes, and a few gentle rolls of the tinier side around my orbital bones helps me look more refreshed in the morning. (“The roller itself helps remove excess fluid under the eye, while the cool jade stone constricts blood vessels to further minimize swelling,” Zeichner has previously told Allure. “They can be used by themselves or in combination with your regular undereye creams.”) Now that’s a power tool.

You’ll find the Herbivore Botanicals Jade De-Puffing Face Roller in our limited-edition Allure Beauty Box.


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