How Oprah Is Hitting the Reset Button on Her Health

When a new year rolls around, a long list of resolutions comes with it. But Oprah is teaching us to smart small in her latest Instagram posts.

Her biggest resolution for the time being? Drinking more water. “If you’ve been waiting for the right day, the right time, or some kind of sign…this is it,” she captions her most recent picture. “Today is the day. Day One starts now! Join me at so we can hit reset together and start 2022 on the right track! Goodbye two-week old cake, hello hydration.”

A Weight Watchers (WW) director since October 2015, the 67-year-old has shared her journey with the program over the years, from her 40-pound weight loss back in 2018 to the recipes she follows to stay on track. While she may not be trying to lose 40 pounds in 2022, she has other goals to keep her staying healthy (and hydrated!).

In a separate post, she writes “Ready for a reset? @WW’s mantra for 2022: Live the life you love, lose the weight you want. You know I love that WW encourages healthy habits and now it’s even better! Because you can add points. Go out for a walk. Add points. Choose a healthy snack. Add points. Drink water? You guessed it, add more points! That’s why we kicked off the new year at my house with a water challenge.”

The rest of the video shows her and her friends drinking water out of the WW Half-Gallon Water Bottle ($20), competing to finish the jug first. “Some of us guzzled the water down like it was nothing, others paced themselves, and @gayleking took a little too long 🤣 But this goes to show that no two people are alike, which is why if you sign up for WW now, you’ll get a plan that’s 100% designed for you.”

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