How This Mom of 2 Got Rid of Belly Fat With Emsculpt Neo

No surprise here, but pregnancy spurs some serious changes to your body, especially when it comes to weight gain. And for those of us who have experienced it, you likely already know that burning fat along your midsection is more difficult than many realize. However, with the development of innovative in-office body sculpting treatments, it’s now easier than ever to tone your body.

The latest fat-burning treatment to catch our eye? Emsculpt Neo, “the only noninvasive technology that simultaneously uses radiofrequency and high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to eliminate fat and build muscle,” says Amy Oden, nurse practitioner and owner of Emerge Integrative Medicine in Tulsa, OK.

Depending on your goals, all it takes is four 30-minute sessions of this treatment for you to see a significant reduction in fat in a targeted area. In fact, studies have shown that Emsculpt Neo can produce up to 24,000 muscle contractions in a single treatment, with an average increase of 25% in muscle mass and a 30% decrease in fat in patients who have undergone the full course of treatment.

While Emsculpt Neo can work well for anyone who has fat to burn and muscle to build, postpartum mothers have found it particularly helpful. As a mother of two looking to tone up her midsection, influencer Emily Ann Gemma of @emilyanngemma, is proof of just how well Emsculpt Neo works on a post-baby body—even though she was skeptical of the treatment at first.

Pinterest/Emily Ann Gemma 

Fearing the treatment was all hype, Gemma went into her provider’s office with low expectations, but the results spoke for themselves. “You can see in my before-and-after [images] that my stomach looked slimmer, as if there was less fat on top of the muscle on my stomach,” she explains. “You can also see that the curves or lines on the muscle areas are more defined and sharper in the imagery.”

Following her final session, Gemma admits to being so satisfied with her experience that she purchased a whole new set of sessions to continue to her treatment, hoping for even better results in the long run. ”I loved it so much that I purchased four sessions on my own when I finished my final abdomen one,” she admits.

It’s important to note that this treatment isn’t only intended for the abs (and it’s not only a good option for postpartum mothers, either!). You can use it on the buttocks, thighs, calves and arms. Also, results will vary by individual. It takes at least six weeks post-treatment and up to three months for your full results to reveal themselves.

Ultimately, this treatment is a great option for anyone who is looking to eliminate fat and build muscle, and it perfectly complements an exercise and healthy eating routine. As with any procedure, consult with your doctor to make sure Emsculpt NEO is an ideal option for you. Considering its positive reviews—especially by Gemma—it’s certainly worth asking about.

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