How to Achieve the ‘Siren Eyes’ Makeup Trend

We’re all familiar with the myth of the siren, yes? If not, let us enchant you with their tale. Sirens, in Greek mythology, are known for luring men at sea with their entrancing songs. The “siren eyes” makeup trend evokes the seductive energy of sirens into eye makeup, giving the wearer an irresistible, captivating glare.

Beauty expert and owner of Hannah Elisabeth Beauty, Hannah Metz, describes the trend as a more modern take on the fox eye trend with a more overall smokey look. Siren eyes have “a lot of depth and drama,” says Metz. TikToker Harriet Quested, who jumped on the trend, says siren eyes reshape and enhance the eyes “in order to appear more elongated and seductive.”

According to Metz, “One of the biggest inspirations for this makeup trend is Euphoria,” in addition to what we’ve seen on runway models, celebrities and influencers lately. As for why this look has caught on, Metz says, “It’s such a fun, sexy look that’s simultaneously sultry and sophisticated. It’s a look that really makes a statement.“

Quested points to Instagram and TikTok filters as part of the trend’s popularity. These filters can alter the shape of certain features, “making people want to turn this into a reality and recreate these filters using makeup,” she explains.

How to achieve the siren eyes look

To get the look, Metz suggests using a long-lasting waterproof kohl black eyeliner pencil. She recommends MAC Eye Kohl ($21). You’ll also want to have an eyeshadow palette with a variety of brown colors, specifically a gradient of black to medium brown to light brown. Some makeup artists skip the eyeshadow altogether and instead connect the liner. “Line your top and bottom waterline with the black eye pencil. Then take a flat definer brush to apply the shadow from dark to light and blend well,” instructs Metz. “The goal is to create a soft, diffused effect around the eye.”

You’ll want to have a pretty substantial wing at the edge of the eye, notes Quested. Be sure to sweep eyeshadow up to the temple in order to create a shadow, she adds. Top it all off with mascara or false lashes.

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