I Tried the “Bounce-Back” Serum That Reviewers Say Works in Two Weeks

I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve tried from the derm-approved, scienced-backed Obagi ELASTIderm portfolio. But only recently, I started to see some seriously rave reviews across skin-care sites, praising the benefits of the Facial Serum ($198)—a “bouncy,” firming serum—in particular.

“I saw results around my jaw a few days after using this serum. My skin is much tighter,” one satisfied Dermstore.com review shared, while a 76-year-old LovelySkin.com user sealed the deal with the glowing testament: “My skin looks very vibrant and huge reduction of fine lines when I use this. As a 76 yr. old I really appreciate this since it seems to lessen the need for so many other serums. I don’t like to be without it.”

I was sold that I had to give it a fair, two-week shot.

My Skin Type:

Super sensitive. A lot of products immediately make me red or, even worse, seem to be doing something good for 24 hours, only to have me wake up later in the week to a face full of breakouts. I also have some saggy skin around my jawline, so I like anything that promises “firming.”

The Benefits:

Yes, the official product name is Facial Serum, but this superstar is a whole lot more. For starters, it’s soft, silky, lightweight and hydrating (think a really moisturizing primer), plus it has serious anti-agers and proprietary ingredients that work together to increase “signs of elasticity in only 24 hours.”

How to Use It:

You can use it morning and night and it flows very seamlessly when you add it into other parts of a standing skin-care routine. I did find that, in the morning, it worked best when I applied it, and then did something else for a few minutes before applying the next product, only because it is so hydrating.

The Bottom Line:

This serum is solid. It doesn’t take long to see results and it really does deliver on those hard-to-fulfill promises of making skin look firmer, bouncier and better all-around.

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