Is Cardi B Launching a Skin-Care Line?

Back in February, reports began emerging that Grammy-winning rapper and songwriter Cardi B would be coming out with a skin-care line. The articles cited a collaboration with Delight Cosmeceutical Labs for a beauty line called Kulture Wave, named after her children. Despite multiple news sources reporting this development, many of which even quoted Cardi B, TMZ published a story claiming the news was false.

TMZ claims a source close to Cardi B told them that Kulture Wave Beauty is fiction and is not launching a beauty line with Delight Cosmeceuticals.

What is actually true?

Well, the stories cited cosmeceutical company Delight Cosmeceutical Labs (DCL) as the lab behind the skin-care launch. Delight’s Twitter published one tweet regarding the collaboration, but the entire account has since been suspended.

Screenshot of DCL’s Twitter announcing Cardi B collaboration.

When asked for comment, DCL confirmed they would be publishing a press release responding to TMZ’s claims. No press release has been released at this time. Despite TMZ’s reporting, some publications like luxury magazine Salon Privé’s article announcing the collaboration as a 6-phase skin-care launch is still live.

Some publications even included a quote from Cardi B that announced the collaboration, and it isn’t immediately clear from any of this reporting if Cardi B’s team spoke directly to reporters or if the quote was retrieved from a press release. On the other hand, TMZ’s report hinges on a source close to Cardi B.

Who is Delight Cosmeceuticals?

DCL itself has a small online footprint. Their only current published press release is from October of 2022. When you Google them, you’re likely to be taken to Delight Cosmetics, an unrelated brand based in Canada.

They are also often cited in those early February articles as Africa’s Delight Cosmeceuticals and appears to be based in Las Vegas. According to their website, Delight is a lab focused on long term and permanent solutions to cosmetic problems that aims to partner with brands to create specialized skin-care lines. The name might be in reference to the first doctor they list as affiliated with their lab: Dr. Edith Gibson, who also goes by Dr. Edith De Light.

Dr. De Light’s career has been focused on melanin-rich skin, and her social media presence is centered on providing quality skin care for darker skin tones and bringing that care to Africa. Dr. De Light is from Cameroon, appearing to be at least partially based there, though her personal skin-care line XCAPE is located in Duluth, GA. This helps explain why Delight would be called an African lab, but it doesn’t tell us if the lab is associated in any way with Cardi B.

Cardi B’s Future

Fans worried that this means there is no future for a Cardi B skin-care line shouldn’t be too worried. Last year, her team trademarked Bardi Beauty. According to the filing, the brand could encompass make up, fragrance, and even hair and nail products.

For now, it seems like someone somewhere jumped the gun. We likely still have some time to wait before a product line announcement, and it may not include Delight Cosmeceutical Labs at all.

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