Julianne Hough Debuts Waist-Length “Nude Blonde” Hair Extensions — See Photos

For the bulk of her career, Julianne Hough has kept things short, sweet, and simple with her hair, which until recently has remained platinum blonde and on the shorter side. This week, however, she made a complete 180-degree transformation with a new dark-to-light ombré shade and hair extensions that fall all the way past her waist.

Colorist Riawna Capri of Los Angeles’s Nine Zero One Salon, who’s been doing Hough’s hair for more than a decade, is responsible for this drastic switch-up. “Julianne has been talking about growing out her natural hair color for years now, and we finally were able to do it,” Capri says in a press release about the shade, which she describes as nude-blonde. “No joke, we’ve been talking about doing this look for two years.”

Of course, Hough didn’t magically grow more than 10 inches of hair overnight — extensions are to thank for all that extra length. “Nothing makes that hair color pop better than a handful of good hair extensions,” Capri explains. A good hair regimen also played a big part in Hough’s journey to grow out her natural hair color, though. According to Capri, Hough maintains her hair health with the Strengthening System by In Common (an in-salon brand Capri and fellow colorist Nikki Lee co-created).

Let’s talk about those lived-in waves for a second, too. To create those at home, Capri recommends using a 1.5-inch curling iron. After prepping the hair with a heat protectant, Capri “used a large curling iron and quickly bent each section back and forth. [Doing it] quickly is the key to creating effortless waves.” A touch of hairspray completes the look. 

We don’t know about y’all, but some extensions seem very, very appealing right now. Gotta go see if our stylist’s appointment books are open. 

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