Kosas Just Launched a Spray-On Serum And We’re Never Looking Back

Kosas recently entered the skin-care chat with the launch of Grow Potion, a lash and brow-boosting serum. Now, the brand is digging even deeper into the complexion-perfecting game with their latest launch while still keeping their simple, minimalistic ethos intact.

Enter: Plump & Juicy Vegan Collagen Spray-On Serum ($48), a high-performing, active-infused serum-in-mist created from founder Sheena Yaitanes’ personal wishlist.

“I often get asked what I use on my skin under my makeup, and it’s always been such a struggle for me because I hate the way skin care feels under makeup,” she shares at a virtual launch event for the product, giving us a peek into her daily skin-care routine. 

“I don’t like tap water to be the last thing on my skin after a shower or washing my face, so I always follow with a mist,” she says. Her favorite mists alternated between a probiotic mist, a collagen option, and then a peptide-infused formula. “Then, I would apply SPF and that’s it. I hate the way skin care feels under makeup—until now.”

Setting out to create a mist that contained all of the ingredients she obsesses over for firmer, hydrated skin, Kosas is now rolling out what seemed to be impossible: a serum-in-mist format that doesn’t feel sticky or greasy, doesn’t skimp on the actives inside and really works to improve skin over time. 

Infused with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, vegan collagen and balancing probiotics, this mist is not to be confused with a setting spray, says Yaitanes: “It’s a true serum in a mist format.” 

Plump & Juicy—named after the way skin looks post-spritz—can be used morning and night before any other skin care. “Apply it as close to your skin care as possible so it can absorb all of the actives,” says Yaitanes, adding she likes to “press the peptides” into her skin after spraying, but it’s not a required step. 

While the adage “don’t fix what’s not broken” can be applied here, once you spray on your serum instead of rubbing it in, you’ll never go back—trust us. 

Plump + Juicy Vegan Collagen Spray-On Serum launches today on Kosas.com and Credo, and will be available beginning 9/30 in Sephora stores and 10/11 on Sephora.com.