Kyle Richards Shuts Down Social-Media Comments: “I Am Not Taking Ozempic”

Kyle Richards’ Instagram stories’ full-length bikini snap has struck a chord with social-media commenters—and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is not staying silent.

As reported on by, Richards’ recent bikini selfie was posted to Page Six’s Instagram account on Monday, and the feedback quickly followed. While Richards might have been “showing it all off” with some six-pack abs, she was quick to shut down the numerous speculation that she might have relied on Ozempic for her toned silhouette.

“I have never tried Ozempic and this is not from plastic surgery,” Richards commented regarding the semaglutide drug for Type 2 diabetes, which is currently having a shortage and is being used for off-label weight-loss. “I did have a breast reduction in May. I’m honest about what I do. But if giving plastic surgery the credit makes you feel better then pop off sister.”