Lala Kent Is Getting Breast Implants​

Following a breakup, most people endeavor to invest in themselves, whether it be with time, money or a little extra TLC. Vanderpump Rules star and beauty businesswoman Lala Kent is no different. Following her recent split with her fiancé, Randall Emmet, Kent is looking to do something for herself.

During the January 26 episode of her podcast “Give Them Lala,” Kent revealed that she plans to get cosmetic surgery. Her plans are already in motion, as she recently had a breast implant consultation with a doctor.

Although some may assume Kent is interested in breast augmentation to attract new love, this isn’t the case. “It may sound like I’m getting my boobs done for men, but [I’m] getting my boobs done for me,” she explained on the podcast. She reveals that she’s not even interested in dating just yet.

“Mentally, I’m not there. Once I do get my boobs done, I probably still won’t be there, but I’m excited for that for me because it’s like the bounce back,” says Kent. “There’s nothing hotter than a hot mom.”

When it comes to what kind of breasts Kent is going for, she just wants to turn back the clock. She says she wants her implants to reflect her pre-pregnancy body. “They were massive, and I loved them,” Kent says of her pre-pregnancy breasts.

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