Nicole Kidman Loves This Overnight Exfoliator for Reducing Dark Spots

Celebrity-backed beauty lines may be getting a bit of backlash, but for Nicole Kidman—who, among a whole long list of other accolades, counts being global brand ambassador and strategic partner for CBD brand Seratopical Revolution—there’s still something about solid skin-care science that she looks for when putting her name behind a brand.

“Seratopical Revolution is the perfect blend of cutting-edge science and nature’s best ingredients that give your skin that amazing youthful glow that we all are searching for,” the 55-year-old shared with us regarding the anti-aging, plant-based line, which covers everything from head-to-toe.

As for her favorites: The brand’s Gleaming Brightener ($36). The pineapple-packed silky exfoliator that also counts licorice root and vitamin C in the mix to gently target everything from age spots and discoloration to collagen production and texture.

“I simply love the Gleaming Brightener and use it every night as part of my routine to reduce dark spots and discoloration and it truly works,” Kidman says. “My other favorite is the Adoring Eye Serum, which is so luxurious and so effective.”

And, as for the star’s overall stamp of approval and number-one takeaway: “What I love the most is you can actually see the difference in your skin so quickly—really miraculous products!”