Nicole Kidman Uses These 3 Products to Reverse Hair Loss

Nicole Kidman has done it all: She’s won six Golden Globes, appeared in about 70 movies and been nominated for an Academy Award five times. While her acting career is still going strong, the star’s most recent initiative is in the beauty field, as she recently partnered with hair care brand Vegamour, a line of products that promotes healthy hair and a healthy scalp.

“It wasn’t about being the face of the brand or selling products, but being an advocate for a holistically-minded lifestyle that prioritizes self-care,” Kidman says in a statement. The brand notes that this partnership arose after Kidman was looking for a clean way to hydrate and revive her curls after damaging her strands. After a few weeks of use, the star noticed her strands were “thicker, fuller and noticeably less frizzy.” Immediately, she inquired about a partnership.

Kidman’s official title is “investor and brand advocate,” and although her role is to raise awareness about the clean brand, she’s a proud user of the products as well.

“When I was younger, I didn’t pay enough attention to my hair, especially considering the demands of my career,” Kidman continues. “I’ve realized that our hair deserves as much attention and care as we give to the rest of our bodies.” In lieu of this realization, she reaches for Vegamour GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner Kit ($74). Another one of Kidman’s favorites is the GRO Hair Serum ($48), a cult-classic from the brand that claims to support a healthy and balanced follicular ecosystem and revitalize the hair roots.

“My perception of self-care has expanded,” she continues. “I am in tune with my hair, and all of the important elements of myself that impact my hair health.” With this in mind, we look forward to seeing how Kidman’s hair journey progresses.

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