Noah Cyrus’ 2021 Grammys Gown Inspired So Many Hilarious Memes

Two things are inevitable on Grammy night: There will be some truly outrageous outfits, and there will be some truly hilarious memes born of those truly outrageous outfits. High-art couture naturally lends itself to being among the bolder looks of the night, and Grammys 2021 Best New Artist nominee Noah Cyrus fully went for it with the Schiaparelli Couture gown she wore on the red carpet. As soon as she hit TV and digital-device screens, the tweets and memes came flooding in.

And yes, we couldn’t resist participating.

Bed comparisons abounded on social media, but Grammys viewers got creative with their analogies — some more flattering than others, but all pretty darn funny.

Here’s how Twitter has been reacting:

“Don’t worry Noah Cyrus. I struggle to get the fitted bed sheet on right too.” — @RobVicars

“Please Noah Cyrus looks like a crumpled up tissue.” — @yooongers1

“Noah Cyrus has arrived dressed as a piece of popcorn.” — @smallbrownswift

“You definitely don’t want to be seated behind #NoahCyrus at the #Grammys.” — @mossappeal

“Noah Cyrus looks like she’s going to the 2018 Met Gala.” — @jimincosmos

“Noah Cyrus…or pebble mosaic of a griffin from ancient Sicyon, Greece?” — @CarlyASilver

As dramatic and costume-y as Cyrus’s look may be, you can’t deny, she looked absolutely stunning. And she won’t lose any sleep over snarky little comments — whether that sleep occurs in her bed or in her comforter-esque dress.

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