StriVectin Has Revamped Its Best-Selling Eye Cream to Show Clinical Results in 5 Days

One question I get asked often: “Do I really need an eye cream?” And believe me, I fully understand why many people think this: It’s an extra product to purchase and an extra step in a routine that most of us already don’t have time for. But, the experts hold the keys to the research and scientific evidence that eye creams are formulated differently to cater to the delicate skin around the eyes.

Good eye creams will revitalize the eye area—minimize puffiness, fine lines and darkness—without irritating this fragile skin or causing milia (those tiny bumps that pop up every now and again, usually after using a cream around the eyes that’s too rich for the area). StriVectin’s Intensive Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles PLUS ($69) addresses all those concerns and then some. No wonder it’s a best-seller. But this month, the brand launched a new and improved version, and let me just tell you: it’s even better. “We sell millions of units—it’s our number-one seller—but it was time to inject some newness into it,” says Francine Krenicki, vice president of product development for StriVectin. “It’s fantastic for people who want to address many concerns at once, like crow’s-feet, puffiness, fine lines, and luminosity.”

So what changed exactly? The texture is still the same, but the brand added an Arctic marine ferment to boost the hydration factor and protect from the visible effects of blue light. “We sourced this bacteria from the deep sea outside of Greenland,” says Krenicki. “It is so important for us to incorporate blue light protection into our formulas because we think it is the next big aggressor we’re all going to be fighting.” The formula is also now fragrance-free, which is a big plus for many people who have sensitivities to fragrance, especially around the eyes. “You don’t need fragrance around the eyes,” Krenicki adds. “It’s also non-milia inducing—milia is caused by an abundance of keratin in the skin that causes little white bumps—and our testing proved that it won’t create it.”

Other key ingredients are collagen-boosting horse chestnut flower extract, antioxidant-rich micro-algae that helps take down puffiness, and green coffee extract that Krenicki says helps soften the appearance of dark circles. “This upgraded formula proved in clinical studies to show results in just five days,” she adds. Part of those results are smoother fine lines in areas of expression, like between the brows—the “11s,” which is the number-one place people get neurotoxin injections like Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. “They’re dynamic wrinkles that result from expression, but after a while if you don’t treat them, they turn into static wrinkles, which is what we see in this picture [below],” Krenicki explains. “These results are after consistent use of the cream for four weeks.”

Photo courtesy of StriVectin.

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