Supplements Doctors Recommend for a Faster Post-Op Recovery

Certain vitamins

Vitamins are often a double-edged sword when it comes to post-op, says Dr. Mahabir. “There are several supplements that need to be avoided in and around surgery. Vitamin E, for example, can interfere with wound healing, and others can increase the risk of bleeding,” he warns. This is why it’s essential to discuss any vitamins you plan to take with your surgeon before you take them.

While you can take a pill for each of the necessary vitamins, why not just take them all in one shot? Dr. Mahabir says Vitamedica Clinical Support Program ($48) is well-researched, safe and effective. “It includes vitamins A and C, Zn, B-complex and antioxidants,” says Dr. Mahabir. “These combine to support healthy cell growth, collagen formation, immune system function and moderate stress. With their morning and evening formulas, they also enhance wakefulness during the day and better quality sleep—all critical aspects to recovery.”

According to Houston plastic surgeon Henry Mentz, MD, “Sometimes, a pre-op diet will impact bruising. For example, a patient who loves tomatoes or takes fish oil will have more intense bruising. Meanwhile, “Patients who prepare with green vegetables like kale and spinach, which are heavy in vitamin K, will have less bruising.”

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