The Best Beauty Products Launching in June

LUSH Naked Mascara ($14)

Always on the search for innovative ways to eliminate the need for plastic packaging, LUSH’s “naked” products are never short on innovation. Case in point: Its newest addition to the category, an eco-friendly mascara that comes in four shades, including black, brown, coral and blue. Each shade comes with one of three wands (as pictured here), so you can choose based on whether you want volume, definition or lash separation. The wands are made of 100-percent bio-based material (no plastic) that is recyclable, too.

Because this is unlike any other mascara you’ve probably used, the brand is offering some pointers for first-timers: Lightly wet the tip of the brush and place it into the mascara; move the brush around inside to coat the bristles; and then brush through your lashes like normal. When you’re done, rinse the brush thoroughly and let it air-dry. Then, shake your mascara upside down to ensure there’s no water remaining inside and let it dry.

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