The Ingredients This 62-Year-Old Swears By to Look 20 Years Younger

Sometimes aging gracefully is as simple as consistently using a few key ingredients. TikTok user Hannah Newman usually posts videos that highlight her expertise on hormones, menopause and gut health. However, Newman invited her mother-in-law to hop on TikTok to share something she’s seemingly got figured out: aging well. At the beginning of the video, Newman promises to share her amazing-looking 62-year-old mother-in-law’s secrets on how to look “20 years younger…no filler required.”

Newman’s first question for her mother-in-law was, “What are the best products for your skin?” The 62-year-old responded immediately with “hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and sunscreen.” Hyaluronic acid is known for hydrating skin, boosting skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles and helping with sensitive skin conditions like eczema or redness. Vitamin C’s biggest benefit is that it’s a brightener, so it can help improve the appearance of discoloration from sun damage or acne scars. It also helps prevent future sun damage and slows signs of aging. We all know why sunscreen is essential, but let this Florida woman’s youthful-looking skin be a reminder. Sunscreen is necessary to prevent skin cancer as well as signs of aging.

It’s worth noting she’s had “a little bit of Botox,” but she prefers the more “natural stuff” like IPLs and microneedling. The worst thing you could do for your skin? “Smoking and not wearing sunscreen,” she says.

Other aspects of life impact skin as well. She counts beets, broccoli and brussels sprouts among her favorite anti-aging foods. When it comes to exercise, she says she stays active consistently and works out four times a week. To beat stress, she mediates peacefully each morning before getting up.