The Laser Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts Are Getting for the Oscars

Ahead of the Oscars, stars book their appointments for facials, lasers and other skin-perfecting treatments. Beloved celebrity aesthetician Joanna Czech will be performing facials for Jennifer Anniston, Emma Roberts, Maria Sharapova and Kim Kardashian and others for the big event. We talked to Czech about how she’ll be prepping these stars. Spoiler alert: it’s mostly LYMA Laser treatments and facials. When you see these celebrities glowing on the red carpet, you’ll know who to thank.

Why does the LYMA Laser appeal to so many celebrities?

“Many skin-rejuvenation techniques like laser resurfacing work across multiple appointments over many months—they require being in one place, and to most actors and international celebrities, that’s simply not realistic. Traditional lasers and chemical peels also damage the skin to trigger it to make collagen which entails downtime. Again, not something any model or actor on set can afford to take on. The LYMA Laser is remarkable because it’s something I can use in my treatments, but also my high-profile clients can improve their skin themselves, every single day.”

Could you walk us through your LYMA treatment?

“Absolutely! With LYMA, I’ve created a gorgeously customized treatment that’s guaranteed to light up the skin and have my Hollywood clients brimming with confidence on the red carpet come Sunday. We begin with a sculpting and lifting manual massage, followed by exfoliation and a combination of targeted serums chosen for their skin’s needs on that day. 

Afterward, the LYMA Laser is used to improve skin elasticity, reduce pigmentation, brighten and push skin-care products more deeply into the skin. Each facial is completely customized and unique to their skin concerns and will then offer additional skin therapies, including ultrasound, oxygen infusion and intensive face masks. Every facial finishes with powerful rejuvenating LED therapy with negative ions. It’s a truly unique skin experience and addresses all of the individual’s needs.”

What effects might LYMA have in the short term that would show up in time for the Oscars? What about the longer-term benefits?

“The LYMA Laser is the perfect tool for red carpet events because it has the power to give an instant glow, reduce redness and deliver firmer, tighter skin. By creating that smooth, even complexion, we are achieving the best possible canvas for makeup artists to get to work, creating beautiful red carpet makeup looks. In the longer term, the laser is capable of incredible skin transformations. Using it daily for about two to three months will reduce hyperpigmentation, increase elasticity of the skin, even out skin tone and over time, it reduces the signs of wrinkles and even scarring.

Not only does the LYMA Laser tackle skin issues and help my clients achieve their skin goals, but it also improves the performance of other products used by pushing the actives in topical skin care more deeply into the skin. I have seen huge benefits from using the LYMA Laser in combination with my C+ Serum ($340) and Soothing Serum ($275). Having such wide-reaching benefits makes LYMA Laser an absolute must for myself and my clients.”

“I adore skin-care innovation and cutting-edge new technologies, which is what drew me to the LYMA Laser. It all depends on what my client’s skin is in need of and how it will best fit their lifestyle—but I use many modalities, including microcurrent, ultrasound, cryotherapy, oxygen infusion, and bespoke serums as well as masks.”

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