The Simple Lipstick Hack This Model With 14 Million Instagram Followers Says Makes Your Face “More Cohesive”

She may be a model, she may have founded a makeup brand, and she may have more than 14 million Instagram followers, but Roz keeps it straightforward and simple when sharing her best beauty secrets. We recently caught up with the Saudi-born global activist to tell us what’s good this fall.

Must-Have Hacks:

I’m obsessed with products that double-up and are multi-usable. I love using eyeshadow as an eyeliner, just make sure you’re using the correct brush. Another good hack is using liquid lipstick for blush—it makes everything cohesive on the face.

Holy Grails:

NARS Creamy Concealer ($31) is my holy grail product. I also am obsessed with the highlighter in my eyeshadow palette with The Balm—it’s my new favorite go-to! The palette is inspired by the “bon voyage” concept. I selected colors that reminded me of a tropical vacation and summer vibes with friends. The Lip Trio is inspired by my go-to shades that I wear day to night, or even for special occasions.

Surprise Reveal:

I only wear makeup a few days a week! And I take my skin care very seriously!

Global Shift:

The biggest difference is that in the states, makeup is much more natural and less glam than in the Middle East. I’m still getting used to this.

Fitness Fix:

I prioritize working out, which helps me keep focused on the positives in my work and social life.