The Wild Foraged Skin Care Ingredients in Furtuna Skin Face & Eye Serum Make My Skin Soft and Glowy | Review

Fortuna is an Italian clean beauty brand that uses organic — and wild foraged organic — ingredients, and that is as elegant as it sounds. (Wildcrafted skin care is, in fact, a new thing in the beauty industry, and it refers to products made with wildflowers and other foraged plants.) Furtuna Skin Face & Eye Serum is a vitamin C serum that — as the name would suggest — is supposed to be used on the entire face, including around the eyes. It’s loaded with antioxidant botanical extracts and looks a lot like foundation in the bottle, but it actually comes out super sheer. It’s got just enough color to warm up my fair complexion, but not so much that I look made up. I love wearing it on its own for daytime (it makes my skin feel incredibly soft) but you can also top it with concealer or foundation if you want more coverage. And in case you’re curious (I know I was!) the wild foraged ingredients in here include a violet-colored Italian flower (called Italian Bugloss) and milk thistle (which may help get oily skin in check).

You can find Furtuna Skin Face & Eye Serum in the limited-edition Allure Beauty at Home-themed Beauty Box.


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