This $8 Accessory Is Making Ponytail Hair-Breakage a Thing of the Past

For years, my day-to-day hair routine would simply consist of tying my thick hair up tightly to keep it away from my face. After just a few months of doing so, I noticed hair breakage, an excess of stretched-out elastics, and don’t even get me started on the headaches. After taking a break from only wearing my hair up—I’ve only really worn it down since—I am hesitant to wear it up, as it often leaves kinks and creases in my natural hair pattern. However, no matter how you style it, everybody with long hair always needs an elastic from time to time. Invisibobble’s iconic spiral-shaped elastic revolutionized the industry just a few years back. So when I heard they created the Slim elastic in addition to the original style, I was curious to see if it would hold my hair comfortably.

My Hair Type

I have long and thick hair. The hair elastic is designed to suit all hair types and is especially perfect for securing thick hair.

The Benefits

Styling your hair into a voluminous ponytail has never been easier. The Invisibobble Slim hair ring is similar to the tried and true original Invisibobble. However, it is slightly thinner to look more delicate in the hair while acting as a fashionable band around the wrist while not in use. While traditional elastic bands snap, lose their tight shape, and cause discomfort, Invisibobble’s spiral-shaped hair ring provides comfort while wearing and maintains a firm grip for all hair types. When it’s time to take out your ponytail, the ring gently slides off the hair without resulting in any harsh breakage.

The Bottom Line

The $8 hair rings are definitely worth the buy. Since each pack comes with three hair rings, it lasts me significantly longer than a regular pack of elastics due to little to no loss of shape. My hair was comfortable all day long and was left with no creases when I brushed it out at the end of the day.

Price/Where to Buy

*You can also try it (full-size) in this year’s Luxury Review Box, along with 37 other products!