This High-Def Liposuction Removes More Fat With Less Effort

When it comes to body sculpting treatments, there are a myriad of options to slenderize and reduce fat in target areas. While liposuction continues to be the “gold standard” to get rid of unwanted fat, there are subcategories of liposuction to help perform the procedures safely and effectively. One type of liposuction, called VASER Liposuction does what traditional liposuction does, but according to Des Moines, IA plastic surgeon David Robbins, MD, it can also help doctors carve out a more defined shape and give the body a more sculpted look.

NewBeauty: How is VASER Liposuction different than traditional liposuction. Is the difference in the technique or is it the instruments?
Dr. Robbins: It’s actually the instruments that we use that help break down dense fat, but you can also contour while you take more fat out. I have found that overall, the results are more profound with VASER liposuction and you can also see some skin tightening with it as well.

NB: What is it about the instrument that makes it better?
Dr. Robbins: Ultimately, I believe more fat can be removed with less effort. It uses ultrasonic energy to dislodge fat cells to be removed through a process called cavitation. It can also do high-definition liposuction.

NB: What does high-definition liposuction entail?
Dr. Robbins: During the procedure, we’re able to strategically sculpt the body by removing fat in areas of concern while also highlighting important muscle groups to create natural contours.

NB: So, it can give you the appearance of a six-pack?
Dr. Robbins: Yes, or just different contours and depressions that can accentuate the waist and muscles.

NB: Do you then go ahead and use that fat elsewhere?
Dr. Robbins: I do primarily fat transfer to the buttocks to get a fuller shape. Or I can use it for small fat transfer to the face for rejuvenation and volume correction.

NB: Can you use the fat in the breasts?
Dr. Robbins: I don’t usually use fat for a primary augmentation tool. Breast implants are just so much better at restoring volume in the breasts, but if someone has a little bit of an asymmetry in one breast or some contour irregularities, then yes, we can use it there. Also, doing liposuction on the side of the breast if there is a little bit of extra fullness there can enhance the breasts and the bra line in such a way that at times that’s all you need to give them a much better look.

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