This Nonsticky Clear Gel Makes Scars Look So Much Better

Whether they’re from injuries, surgeries, acne, burns, C-sections, or something else, scars are a normal part of life (unfortunately). But, that doesn’t mean we have to like the way they look. I personally have a small, round hypertropic scar on my shoulder that looks almost like a blemish (I’ve had it for years), and I’ve always been self-conscious when I wear tank tops or sleeveless dresses. I’ve even put a dot of concealer on it a few times for events where photos were necessary.

I recently discovered Biocorneum Advanced Scar Treatment and though I couldn’t expect a miracle difference overnight (I wish!), it is helping my frustrating little scar look a little less noticeable. Here’s what I love about the formula, and why you should give it a try if you have a scar that bothers you.

The Benefits:

I think one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding scar care is that a treatment like this one will only work on new scars. But in fact, this one also works on old scars, even hypertropic scars like mine, and keloids. It’s the only advanced scar treatment with FDA-cleared Silishield patented cross-linked medical-grade silicone and SPF 30. This allows it to support your skin inside and out to make the scar less visible by reducing redness and discoloration, plus softening and flattening it.

According to the brand, “The International Clinical Recommendations on Scar Management” published in Dermatologic Surgery in 2014 named silicone as the single recommended topical (noninvasive) treatment for scars. Below, two before-and-after cases from the brand, one of which is shown after one month of using the product, and the other after three months of use.

For me personally, it creates an invisible shield on the skin that truly feels like you have nothing on. It’s a clear gel that dries quickly, and it also contains broad-spectrum SPF 30 to protect your scar from sun damage (yes, the sun can make it darker) if it’s on an exposed area like the face, neck, hands or feet. It’s even water-resistant up to 40 minutes, so in the summer, I can swim and sweat without worrying that my scar isn’t protected or I need to reapply right away.

Another big benefit is that the gel is safety-tested and suitable for children over the age of six months, which makes it a staple to keep on hand for any injuries that might arise with little ones. It works on sensitive skin, too.

Key Ingredients:

Silishield patented cross-linked medical-grade silicone and broad-spectrum SPF 30

How to Use It:

Just apply it on your scar morning and night and let it dry for a second before putting clothing on top. Once it’s dry, you can actually put body lotion or more SPF on top if you need to and it won’t go anywhere. If you’re going outside in the sun and your scar is in an exposed area, wait 15 minutes after applying it, like you would any sunscreen.

If you wear it on its own, it goes on clear, but you may see a little sheen on the skin, similar to that of a body cream. To me, it’s not noticeable unless you’re looking at it closely (I have fair skin). The brand recommends using the gel for a minimum of 60 days on new scars and 90 days on older scars.

A note from the brand: Biocorneum is for external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes, mucous membranes, third degree burns, and open wounds. It should not be used on damaged or broken skin. This product has not been shown to help prevent skin cancer or early skin aging.

Price/Where to Buy:

Three sizes are available: 10g ($50); 20g ($75) and 50g ($115),

(You can also try it yourself if you’re one of the lucky ones to snag this week’s BeautyPass Free Gift Friday (in a special 95g size valued at $155). Click here to sign up for BeautyPass if you haven’t already)

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