TikTok’s Latest Hair Hack Is A Must-See For a Bouncy Blowout

As we’ve already seen from our favorite celebrities on the latest red carpets, big, bouncy blowouts are all the rage right now. Mastering a voluptuous, bombshell look is not an easy feat, but innovations in hot-rollers, curling irons and more have given us plenty of options for experimenting with the best way to nail a wavy blowout. Though hot rollers are the most surefire way to get a bouncy blowout, mastering the mechanics of roller application can be hard. This TikTok hair hack just made using hair rollers a lot easier for anyone with an air-powered hair tool.

In a short but informative TikTok, user @meowmeowmylittlepony showed herself using a Shark FlexStyle Air & Styling System ($299) and applying a velcro hair roller onto the barrel before letting the air tool perfectly wrap her hair around the roller. Captioning the video “life hack for all my hot Lana/Shark/Dyson girls”—referring to three of the major air-powered stylers—the user shows followers how using the air styler to apply the rollers results in a quick, effective and clean application.

TikTok: meowmeowmylittlepony

Not only does using the styler to apply the rollers help with easier application, we’d also imagine the heat from the styler would help speed up the rolling process and result in a generally quicker and more durable application. Once again, we have TikTok to thank for yet another hair hack that will doubtlessly help speed up our routines and get us A-list quality, bouncy curls in no time.