Toni Ko Gives Us a Tour of Her Happy Place: Home

After starting NYX Cosmetics at 25 with some $250,000 in seed money, Toni Ko sold it to L’Oréal for $500 million. A nice transaction, yes, but as the 49-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Beauty Bespoke Brands—her current project where she partners with influencers and personalities to build niche beauty lines—says, “she’s still plotting her next move.”

Bed Rock

“At the end of my busy day, my bedroom provides complete solitude. It’s where I can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take a deep breath, unwind and reconnect with myself.”

Head Start

“My bathroom is my fortress. It is where I prepare for the day both mentally and physically; I love the ritual of sitting at my vanity and putting on my makeup for the day ahead.”

Formality Strikes

“I have turned my formal sitting room into my own personal art gallery; I love just sitting in this room and getting ‘lost.’ I can so easily reflect on myself and how I am feeling here.”

Closet Room

“I absolutely love my closet. It is an inspiring, peaceful space that allows me to transform into whomever I want to be and express my feelings via my outfit.”

Office Space

“My office provides a quiet place where I can fully focus and get work done without any interruptions. This is where I go when I’m plotting my next move.”

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