Where Girl Group Boys World Gets All Their Colorful Makeup

Every generation has a girl group. They’re a pop music institution that tends to perfectly encapsulate the mood at the time. Gen Z’s offering? Boys World, which has rather appropriately garnered a lot of attention on TikTok.

Formed by KYN Entertainment two years ago, the five-piece group that wants their diverse fanbase of music lovers all over the world to feel welcome. They’re fiercely democratic in how they’re organized — as is standard for girl groups, there is no lead singer, allowing each member to showcase their unique talents. They also happen to be huge fans of beauty, too. 

The music video for their sophomore single “Wingman” shows the girls in colorful makeup looks that come together like a mood board for the internet’s favorite trends — pastel washes of color on the lids and the corners of the eyes blended into the temples, rosy cheeks that look like something from an Instagram filter.

Falling in love with their looks left us wanting more. So we chatted with the girls — Elana Caceres, Olivia Ruby, Queenie Mae, Lillian Kay, and Makhyli — about their perspectives on beauty, their favorite brands, how they use makeup to express their personalities, and, of course, their new music. 

ALLURE: The makeup looks in the music video for “Wingman” are so fun. What was the inspiration behind them? 

Queenie Mae: I had [slicked-down] edges, so I feel like that gave me this sporty, classy look when it came to my hair, but for my makeup, it was pretty natural.

Elana: We’re very hands-on in the process and we get these decks from the stylists, makeup artists, and our creative director. We say whether we love it or not. We all tried to have a unique makeup look for our personalities. I wore butterfly stickers — that’s kind of my thing.

Courtesy Boys World

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